The All In One, Ultimate Cutting Board

Canadian food lover and restaurant owner, Michael Motamedi, created a kitchen necessity that has everything a home cook needs in one place. The Ultimate Cutting Board is an all in one cutting board that is multifunctional, easy to use and clean, and makes meal prep a piece of cake! the-all-in-one-cutting-board-03 As part of Motamedi’s Baffi Collection, The Ultimate Cutting Board is a wooden surface that holds two cups for measuring and holding food, a juicer, a drawer for scraps and a drawer for knives, as well as a space for a mandolin slicer and cheese grater. Use the removable juicer to whip up a fruity vinaigrette instead of searching for a blender, slide potato peels in to the scrap drawer instead of making several trips to the garbage, and grab the perfect knife without stepping away from your cutting board. the-all-in-one-cutting-board-02 When your slicing and dicing and juicing is complete, split the board in to two pieces using one half as a serving platter, ideal for displaying delicious veggies, meats, and cheeses at your next dinner party. With the board split, it’s also easier for you to clean, store and transport, so go ahead and carry this multifunctional cutting board on your next camping trip or picnic. the-all-in-one-cutting-board-04 Stretching 16 inches wide and 21 inches long, the board is made entirely in Canada out of tightly grained, durable maple wood that resists the harsh carvings of sharp kitchen knives. It’s also incredibly sanitary and prevents bacteria build up. the-all-in-one-cutting-board-05 Whether you’re a master chef or just learning how to dice a tomato without severing a finger, you can save time, space and energy with The Ultimate Cutting Board. Never hunt through untidy drawers to look for a measuring cup, knife or juicer again; preparing meals is finally effortless and enjoyable! This all in one cutting board is a convenient, useful and beautifully crafted addition to any kitchen.

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