“One For All” Centerpiece

This elegant but dramatic wooden platter is sure to be a conversation starter. Naruse Inokuma Architects from Japan designed this piece to bring out the warmth of social gatherings. one-for-all-2 Measuring at 1.2 meter long, One For All can serve an entire multi-course meal for up to four people. Each hollow section is created using full-scale mock-ups and dimensions of actual dishes. one-for-all-3 The platter is constructed from twenty-five thin layers of maple wood, shaped with a vacuum-press mould and glued. The middle section is reinforced to increase its overall strength. Finally, polyurethane coating on the surface makes it waterproof, ensuring its durability. one-for-all-5 Attention capturing but not loud, One For All is functional beauty. one-for-all-4

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