ONAK: Foldable And Portable Canoe

ONAK brings to the market a top quality canoe without the hassle of storing it or paying a pretty penny. The beautifully designed origami canoe is durable, simple to manage for beginners, and easy to fold back into its case which you are then able to wheel around. ONAK-Foldable-And-Portable-Canoe-02 After making hundreds of paper models and fifteen prototypes, ONAK designed a narrow and fast canoe made up of their Honeycomb – Curv™ Polypropylene: a material they developed themselves. Extremely tough and completely recyclable, this material allows a design that is flexible enough to be folded and unfolded numerous times. It can be designed almost entirely in one piece and the Honeycomb cells provide so much additional buoyancy that when the canoe is entirely filled with water,  it stays afloat. ONAK-Foldable-And-Portable-Canoe-04 This foldable mode of transportation can be stashed in the trunk of your car, stored in your closet, and can even be carried around on subway trains and other forms of public transport. ONAK-Foldable-And-Portable-Canoe-03 You can enjoy the ride on your own or with someone else. The ONAK origami canoe ensures a hassle-free adventure on the water.

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