Omni-Spoon: Adjustable Measuring Spoon

More often than not measuring spoons come as a set ranging from smaller to larger. Once separated, the pieces rarely stay together, and the right spoon is hard to find when needed. What’s more, the whole set surely takes up excess space in your kitchen cabinet that you would use for something more worthy if given the choice. Omni-Spoon, an interesting, unique, and handy all-in-one adjustable measuring spoon gives you that choice.   With Omni, you have the option to make measuring in the kitchen all that much simpler. No more searching or digging for the right measuring spoon in the stack or overly cluttered drawer; measure accurately and precisely in a jiffy. omni-spoon-04 Designed for measuring both wet and dry ingredients, the Omni-Spoon is absolutely handy and easy to use. This single, all-in-one scoop is enough for all your measurements, as it can measure any of your standard spoon measurements, ranging from 1/8 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon with its adjustable silicone sealed plunger. omni-spoon-01 Leveling off a standard measuring spoon for accurate measurement can make for a rather annoying ritual, especially when you’re stuck using the back of a knife to scrape off the excess quantity every time you need to measure any ingredient precisely for your favorite recipe.  Omni, however, has a built-in level that seamlessly merges with its handle, so you don’t need to mess up any other utensil to use as measuring aid. What’s more, Omni-Spoon’s parts can be taken apart and are dishwasher safe, making your kitchen life that much easier. omni-spoon-03  

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