OmieBox: Lunch Box

A team of product designers comprised of founder Nancy Yen, designer Robin Bigio and engineer Lucas Menanix worked hard to find a solution to the most overlooked problem that every mother faces, a lunch box that contains and carries food in a shape and condition that would appeal to the pickiness of a child’s appetite. OmieBox-Lunch-Box-06 OmieBox is a lunch box that is compact and organized, and is able to keep the food both hot and cold. Besides you don’t have to pack the food in a number of boxes, one box with several compartments provides enough space for various kinds of portions. All the while keeping the food fresh and presentable, inviting enough for your child. OmieBox-Lunch-Box-03 The hot food will remain hot in the built-in vacuum insulated compartment when your child opens the box to eat. Also the day you decide to pack a sandwich, you can always take the insulated container out and use the space for a sandwich instead. OmieBox-Lunch-Box-02-600x316 Each of the two side compartments can also be divided or undivided depending on what you are deciding to put inside for the day. This lunch box includes special features that are so easy to use that kids can handle opening and closing without any assistance. Simply flip the opening lever up and twist it in a clockwise direction to open the lid of the insulated part. OmieBox-Lunch-Box-04-600x400 The OmieBox is FDA compliant, eco-friendly and made of food-safe material. It is BPA-free and made of Phthalate-free plastic. It is dishwasher safe and comes in cool, fun, and kid-friendly colors. However, it is not microwavable. OmieBox-Lunch-Box-05-600x899 The OmieBox is capable of carrying large portions of food, enough to serve even an adult, so if you still don’t have any kids, you can still use this neat lunch box for yourself. OmieBox-Lunch-Box-01-600x400 Video

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