OLO: Compact 3D Printer for Your Smartphone

Can your smartphone be used as a 3D printer? Designed by the Italian company Solido3D, OLO claims to be the world’s such first device. Founded by Filippo Moroni, the tech company Solido3D offers professional 3D services such as 3D scanning, printing, and even offers design consultancy. And now they’ve just made 3D printing a whole lot easier. 3D-Printer-01 OLO is a smart-looking, compact 3D printer that’s smaller than a shoebox, and seems to be very light in weight. The sleek lines of the device makes it instantly stand out. Interestingly this gadget can transform, not only an iPhone, Android device, or Windows phone into a 3D printer, but also any handheld device of any operating system. OLO uses the computing power of a phone to control the printer. If this product is realized, it will be the easiest and most accessible 3D printer available. This product is being prepped for a 2016 Kickstarter campaign, but OLO’s website is up and running right now. 3D-Printer-02 The design of OLO is very simple and user-friendly. The printer is battery powered and works on photopolymer technology.Your mobile device fits face up into the bottom of OLO, a film is placed over the phone, and finally the liquid polymer is poured on top of the film. With the lid shut and the device turned on, OLO builds the 3D model right on your mobile device! 3D-Printer-03 OLO will also be the world’s first “social printer” because of the OLO community that can interact through the OLO app. Through a free web application, the users can upload, manage and print their files easily. It also allows the users to share and download 3D models designed by others. If you like the idea of 3D printing, but don’t know your way around design software, OLO is just the thing you need. This compact 3D printer is being prepped for a 2016 Kickstarter campaign, but OLO’s website is up and running right now and you can get sign up for their mailing list to get updates on OLO’s progress. 3D-Printer-04  

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