Ollie Chair: Shape-Shifting Seating

There has never been a chair more interesting than this one. The Ollie is as innovative as they come. Thanks to New York City-based artists, the world has been introduced to a unique furnishing arrangement that is customizable, practical, and light. Ollie-03 The Ollie is made of tambour wood, aluminum, and stainless steel fasteners. Both these materials contribute greatly to the chairs features. Tambour wood is flexible enough to make the chair retractable while its metal structure remains durable for sitting. Ollie-04 At the draw of a string, Ollie is pulled together. You know what that means? No more shuffling furniture around, no more hassle, no heavy lifting. The chair shrinks down to 2.25 in. and weighs 16 lbs. This gives you the ability to carry it around just about anywhere without those awkward holding positions and store it in various places. Ollie-06 If for some reason you can’t find a room to store Ollie in, that isn’t a problem. Hang it on the wall. This is one of the chair’s coolest features. Its wooden seat can be customized to any photo or artistic canvas you please. The Ollie chair can either be pre-ordered, or you can build it yourself. Ollie-05 The inspiration for Ollie originated through origami. Its foldable qualities, design, and creative statement even tie into your health. Shaped to outline your spine, the char’s supportive contour is fit for any shape or size. This ensures a comfortable seating for an extended period of time. Ollie-01 Ollie isn’t just appealing to the eye. The chair was built to withstand the outdoor world as well. It is 100 per cent rust and warp resistant. The team behind this product has made sure it was salt tested, frozen then thawed, and still guarantees the chair’s longevity. To find out even more about the Ollie chair, customize and order your very own, or back this project through its Kickstarter campaign, click here.

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