Oi: The Unique Bike Bell

While bicycles themselves have evolved considerably since the late 1800s, the development of bicycle bells has arguably remained rather stagnant.  The classic dome-shaped bike bell with a trigger has dominated the market, but more so due to a lack of alternatives.  Australian bicycle accessory company Knog has developed Oi, a bike bell like you’ve never seen (or heard) before. oi_bell_03 Founded by Hugo Davidson and Malcolm McKechnie, Knog seeks to marry form and function.  The company believes that “the more beautiful something looks, often the more beautifully it works.”  Hence, Oi is one seriously gorgeous bell. oi_bell_02 (738x494) The basic Oi is made of aluminum and comes in four different finishes: brushed aluminium, brass, copper, and black.  A special titanium version is also available, and boasts a slightly deeper sound. oi_bell_04 The stylish bell is also produced in two different sizes.  The smaller size, 22.2mm, fits most standard handlebars.  For those with slightly wider bike handles, spacers can be added to Oi accommodating bars up to 31.8mm. oi_bell_05 With that being said, Oi regardless of finish or size has been rigorously tested by Knog designers and engineers to produce the perfect sound at the perfect pitch and volume for the perfect amount of time. Setting it apart from your typical bell, Oi actually produces a chord with a dominating note, certain to capture people’s attention. So if you’re tired of ruining your bicycle style with a boring old dome bell that makes an equally boring sound, Oi is the sleek, versatile, and harmonic solution for you.

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