Offset Stools: Bent Plywood Chairs

The Offset Stool is an unusually crafted, yet beautifully designed bent plywood chair. The stool itself is flat-packed and cleverly designed by Italian designer Giorgio Biscaro. offset-stool-01 Interestingly the seat is made from several slices cut from a single piece of bent plywood assembled to give a layered effect. These layers in turn sit on three legs. The tri-lobe shape of the seat though unusual, is just right to provide extra comfort. The stool is also comfortable regardless of the height of the user. offset-stool-02 After thoroughly researching bent plywood as a viable manufacturing material, Biscaro worked on the optimal use of the wood and obtained through a repetition of layers bent at the same angle – a simple yet attractive design. offset-stool-03 Biscaro’ s Offset Stool will showcase at the Salone Satellite Milan, along with the works of various other young designers from all over the world. offset-stool-04

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