Ocean Clean-Up Project

Ocean pollution is one of humanity’s major environmental concerns, but it is also one that is incredibly challenging to address due to the vast lengths and depths of our seas. That’s why when 19-year-old Boyan Slat designed a project to collect 7.25 million tons of ocean plastic within five years, we immediately paid attention. ocean-clean-up-project-02 The Ocean Clean-Up Project is a self-sustaining platform that gets energy from the sun and ocean currents. Using floating booms, the platform is fixed to the sea bed, so that water can move through it and not the other way around. Its wings are shaped like a manta ray, so that flow is directed to the inlet. ocean-clean-up-project-03 So how does it work? The idea is to allow the ocean to clean itself. Instead of using nets, which would be harmful to sealife, the device consists of V-shaped booms that would channel plastic waste into the platform. From here, waste would be separated from plankton, filtered and stored for recycling. Like giant funnels, an anchored network of these devices would span the radius of a garbage gyre to clean up the problem area in 5 years. ocean-clean-up-project-04 Though this project is in the concept stage and feasibility is still being studied, it has already generated a lot of interest from experts and people concerned with ocean pollution. The team of 50 engineers, modellers, external experts and students will undoubtedly have mountains of challenges to overcome, but their dream is both inspiring and worth every bit of our support. ocean-clean-up-project-05 Video:

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