Object-B: Ladder, Shelf, Chair

South-Korean designer Seung-Yong Song‘s “Transformation of Archetype” project has us re-evaluating the usefulness of the common chair. His pieces showcase chairs and other products that have been fused as one to create, as their names suggest, new objects.  From the project, Object-B is a piece that can be used as a chair, a shelf, or a ladder. object-b-ladder-shelf-chair-4 Object-B is a space saving piece, great for living places that don’t have a lot of square feet to play with. At 7.5 feet tall it would be able to reach most sleeping lofts. And, made from white birch, Object-B is sturdy enough to climb. object-b-ladder-shelf-chair-5 As the shelves ascend from the chair, they are successively thinner. Each shelf is a different width because the ladder is angled. The varying widths of the shelves can be used strategically to personalize the piece with books, plants or decorative items. object-b-ladder-shelf-chair-2 The beauty of Object-B is found in its aesthetic versatility. Part furniture and part art installation, Object-B can actually be curated into the living space. Putting two Object-B pieces back-to-back highlights its modern potential. Lining Object-B side-by-side creates a functional feature wall. Front entrance, bedroom, or study, Object-B can be displayed in any room. object-b-ladder-shelf-chair-6 Object-B allows us to be creative and challenges us to be resourceful; it forces us to interact with it.  The living place becomes a gallery and Object-B the exhibit that we’re going to climb all over.

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