OAS Flip Driver: A Classy Pocket Screwdriver

For quick fixes in and around the home, our dear old friend, the screwdriver, is a natural first choice. Created by James Villegas, the OAS Flip Driver is a compact and classy pocket screwdriver that is useful for everyone from DIY masters to those of us who are a little less handy. oas-flip-driver-03 Instead of rummaging through a box of tools, sifting through your collection of screwdrivers, the OAS Flip Driver contains a storage shelf that holds two driver bits so you can carry a Philips and a flat head at the same time. oasflipdriver-07 With the push of a button, the screwdriver flips open and is ready to use. It also has a convenient pocket clip so the driver can clip on to any pocket, belt or other parts of your clothing, making it easy to access. oas-flip-driver-04 Made in the USA, the flip driver is crafted from ultralight 6061 aluminum and highly corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel. The aluminum is hard coat anodized to give it maximum hardness and durability. It also comes in a variety of fun colours and textures, making it both incredibly useful and aesthetically pleasing. oas-flip-driver-06 A modern version of an old classic, the flip driver blends sophistication and convenience in a tool that should be in everyone’s toolbox. This pocket screwdriver is both easy to use and carry. It’s ideal for DIY projects and quick fixes around the house.

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