Nura: Headphones that Adapt to You

You have a lot of options when it comes to headphones and earbuds, but one option rarely seems to be superior to the other. Companies seem to have a “one sound fits all” mentality. Doesn’t that seem odd though? People have different bodies. Some sizes fit better for some. Other sizes fit better for others. Everyone could wear the same size of clothes, but that would clearly not be ideal. Therefore, companies produce different sizes of clothes for different sizes of people. On the other hand, people have different ears, yet everyone is given the same sound for their ears. It seems obvious that the next step would be to create a unique pair of headphones that adapt to each listener’s specific ear. This is exactly what Nura headphones do– provide listeners with the best possible listening experience while allowing users to get the most out of their music. nura-eadphones-that-adapt-to-you-03 Nura can be set up in 30 seconds. Nura plays various tones for the ear and measures the ear’s response to these tones. While the listener hears the tone, the listener’s ear reflects back a certain tone to Nura. This reflected tone is then analyzed by Nura and used to create the listener’s specific hearing profile. Some people need more bass volume, while some need more high tones volume to get the full experience of the music. Nura will adapt its output to your specific needs. Nura does not stop there with improving your listening experience. nura-headphones-that-adapt-to-you-02 Typically, headphones cannot provide both great bass and great high notes simultaneously. Different headphones and earbuds will provide good bass and bad high notes, bad bass and good high notes, or average bass and high notes. Nura uses two sets of speakers to provide the best possible experience of bass and high notes. The larger headphone provides the bass of the music and the earbuds supply the higher tones of the music. Consequently, by splitting the functions into two, the bass does not distort the high parts of the music and does not sacrifice bass for these crisp high notes. nura-headphones-that-adapt-to-you-04 For headphones, Nura are a nice size and comfortable to wear on the go. There is no sacrifice in the practicality or style of Nura to produce the best listening experience. You will listen to music in a way you never have before with Nura.

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