Numen: Inflatable String Jungle

Concept to realization, Numen/For Use, presents another meticulously calculated yet esoteric stage to stimulate the sensibility of our everyday landscape. Numen-Inflatable-String-Jungle-01 Numen, a Croatian-based industrial design collective, are well-known for their public space art installations and here, they explore a inflatable bubble structure ‘String’, that contains a rope grid allowing climbing and random movement within. Numen-Inflatable-String-Jungle-02 The tension of the rope configuration is bound to the bubble itself and this ‘jungle gym’ structure easily supports the weight of several adults. When deflated, the bubble and the ropes lie flat. Numen-Inflatable-String-Jungle-3 Framed by stark white walls, this ‘String’ design provides an unusual Tron-like backdrop that seemingly blurs the user perspective of direction and balance. Numen-Inflatable-String-Jungle-4 As a conceptual space, Numen uses this installation to challenge the division of design and art. Measured and tested, the mathematical construction of ‘String’ easily morphs and becomes an intuitive, visceral experience for the user. The talent of the Numen collective is their subtle ability to transcend the obscure and allow the polarity of their design to entertain and let the user rethink the conventional use of our surroundings. Numan-Inflatable-String-Jungle-5

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