NUboard: Dry Erase Notebook

The NUboard Dry Erase Notebook is a notebook that features whiteboard pages. A popular product from IPPINKA’s permanent collection, this notebook is both fun and practical all while eliminating paper waste. nuboard-whiteboard-notebook-03 Easily portable and available in both standard and memo sizes, this minimalist book features a cardboard cover with dual coil wire binding, and a thin elastic strap that helps hold everything together. You can be creative with your ideas and presentations, and apart from writing, you can also ease and paste labels onto the included plastic sheets. nuboard-whiteboard-notebook-05 Every dry erase board sheet is double-sided. On each side of the white board pages lies a clear vinyl sheet. The clear vinyl sheets are floppy and flexible, while the dry erase sheets are rigid. nuboard-white-board-notebook-04 These marvelous notebooks are ideal for making to-do lists and drawing diagrams. Once you’re done with the content, simply erase it and start over. All-in-all, the NUboard makes note-taking fun, all while being practical and convenient. Video:

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