Nube Stratos: The Modular Hammock System

In 2013, the world was introduced to the Nube hammock shelter, taking your regular camping experience to a new level, literally. Elevated camping certainly beat having to worry about your safety as well as the safety of your belongings while out enjoying nature. The Nube Stratos is the next generation of elevated camping, it is a lightweight modular hammock that offers shelter and layers of protection while camping. The layered design of the hammock ensures your protection from the natural elements such as rain, wind and insects. nube-stratos-1 This new and innovative design uses elements found in the original Nube hammock and has incorporated two QuikConnect layers, the base layer, the StratoShield and the external layer, the StratosFly. Both layers are adjustable to your camping environments. The new asymmetric design also enable squick setup by using 4 ground stakes therefore eliminating tent poles. The base layer of the hammock suspends up to 100 pounds of gear as well as providing a flat panel roof that can be opened to enjoy the stars. nube-stratos-2 One of the most convenient aspects of the Nube Stratos is that it can be used with your own camping hammock therefore you are just adding layered protection. The external layer, the StratosFly ensures protection from extreme external elements as well as offering visibility and an easy entry and exit point. The StratosFly has several additional features, such as color coded connection points,tangle free line storage and efficient protection from wind and rain. nube-stratos-3 The base layer or StratoShield offers a spacious interior, protection from insects, ergonomic dual doors and tangle free line storage. When it comes to the suspension of the Nube Stratos this is done by the patented SkyHook technology enabling versatile setups and creating a solid aerodynamic structure. The closure sleeve located on the base layer of your tent, seals your hammock through the suspension lines ensuring no entry of water or unwanted insects. The package dimensions are 11in by6in by 6in and a maximum hammock length of 12 ft. Color options for the StratosFly are olive drab, desert khaki and steel grey therefore adding flexibility of design. nube-stratos-4 Manufacture of the Nube Stratos begins in February 2017. For more information on the craft of the Nube Stratos visit their Kickstarter page and get ready to suspend yourself in the natural space between the earth and sky and connect with nature.

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