Novel Folding Kettle

Stylized with a modern look, the Novel Folding Kettle is meant for efficient business travel. Designed by Stanislav Sabo, it simply compress the kettle, and it folds up flat for ultimate portability. novel-folding-kettle-01 The refractory material keeps the outside pleasing to touch even after heating to high temperatures, while the magnet keeps the Novel Folding Kettle in one piece. novel-folding-kettle-02 The 100% silicone inside of the refractory metal is the piece that enables you to fold it horizontally as well as allowing even heating inside of the foldable kettle. novel-folding-kettle-03 You can also stick on the calorific base pad, where you can power up the device and heat the kettle. novel-folding-kettle-04 Video:

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