North Paw: Vibrating Compass Anklet Kit

The North Paw is a kit to set up an anklet compass that tells the wearer which way is the magnetic north by vibrating on the side of your ankle that faces north, thereby giving the wearer an intuitive sense possessed by the navigating birds. North-Paw-Vibrating-Compass-Ankle-Kit-01 The clever design strategy uses a set of eight pager motors spaced equally around your ankle, a control unit that senses magnetic north and turns on and off the motors and only the one closest to north buzzes. North-Paw-Vibrating-Compass-Ankle-Kit-02 The skin senses the vibration, and the wearer’s brain picks and learns to associate this vibration with direction, thus equipping the wearer with a sense of the north direction. Most people acquire this sense in few seconds after putting the anklet on, and can with surety point to north when asked. North-Paw-Vibrating-Compass-Ankle-Kit-003 With a normal compass, you have to check regularly to read the direction, but with this vibrating compass, subconsciously the mind learns to know like a sensor which way is north. The wearer has a true feeling of absolute direction, its like gaining a superhuman ability to navigate your surroundings. North-Paw-Vibrating-Compass-Ankle-Kit-04 The North Paw kit comes equipped with all the material and assembly instructions that you will need to build a fully functional compass anklet. This includes a circuit board, through-hole components, 8 pager motors, an enclosure, and a battery pack. Also a comfortable fabric anklet to hold the assembly on your ankle. North-Paw-Vibrating-Compass-Ankle-Kit-05 It is more of a science project and a great tool for those who like extreme hikes or camping excursions without getting lost or the distraction of looking and gazing at the compass needles to figure out the directions. North-Paw-Vibrating-Compass-Ankle-Kit-06 Video:

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