Nora: The Smart Snoring Solution

Are you guilty of keeping everyone awake with your “loud breathing”?  There’s nothing to be embarrassed about; in most cases, snoring is perfectly natural.  In fact, over a quarter of Canadians snore on the regular.  Having said that, there’s little worse than having your precious shuteye constantly interrupted by your snoring or someone else’s.  Nora by Smart Nora Inc. is a non-invasive, fuss-less, smart snoring solution. Nora_01 (738x492) To produce this stellar product, a team of engineers and designers partnered with the MaRs innovation hub and Dr. James MacFarlane of the Board of the Canadian Sleep Society and Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.  Unlike existing products on the market, Nora doesn’t require the snorer to wear anything like a mouthpiece or headgear, compromising their comfort.  Instead, Nora combines simple biology with technology to stop snoring before it has the chance to bother anyone in the vicinity.  The system consists of three pieces: the Nora bedsider, the padded pillow insert, and the travel power case. nora_03 (738x494) Simply place the sleek, modern bedsider near your bed, and the pillow insert under your pillow.  Equipped with a built-in microphone, the bedsider listens all night long to detect when your snoring begins.  From there, it signals the portable pump within the travel case to inflate the pillow insert.  This gently moves your head, stimulating the relaxed muscles in your mouth and throat that cause snoring in the first place.  As a result, your snoring will ease, and everyone can sleep in peace, undisturbed. nora_04 The Nora bedsider is adjustable, allowing you to select the sounds that trigger the pillow insert, meaning you won’t have to worry about a noisy air conditioning system or white noise machine interfering.  While normally activated by simply tapping the bedsider before going to sleep, there is also a delay function that gives you a little more time before dozing off. If you’re on the go, the travel case will keep Nora safe, and comes with a rechargeable battery that lasts up to three nights per charge.  There is also an iOS Nora app that tracks the details of your sleep, including length of time and noise levels.  Mind you the app isn’t in any way necessary to the functioning of Nora, merely an aid. Nora_02 (738x492) So if you’re sick of nuisances like head contraptions, mouthpieces, nose strips, or just snoring in general, Nora is the fuss-less snoring solution for you.

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