Noon Blinds: Modern Window Dressings

Noon Blinds, designed by Romy Radave from Noon, provide you with a beautiful and innovative way to decorate your home windows. Inspired by the old, ornate windows of the ancient castles and mansions around the world, these blinds are designed to cast light-shadows around your home. Noon-Blinds-Modern-Window-Dressings-02 With the movement of the sun, the patterns and shadows vary and gradually move across the room—from your floor to the walls, and even onto the surfaces of your furniture. At night, the light from passing cars’ headlights create light shadows that seem to dance across the ceiling. Noon-Blinds-Modern-Window-Dressings-03 These modern blinds can be easily cut to any desired length and be rolled or clipped. They come as a “Single” or “Blind Package,” and are featured with a weighted bar to ensure that the blind hangs smoothly without any creases or folds. Noon-Blinds-Modern-Window-Dressings-07 Presently, they come in 5 colors: yellow, beige, gray, white or black. These window decors are fitting for new apartment owners, friends who just moved in, kids’ rooms, studios or offices. Noon-Blinds-Modern-Window-Dressings-004 The colour casts and cut patterns in the shape of polka dots, stars and stripes add not only a sense of life, but also provide enough privacy in the room. Since they allow the easy passage and circulation of fresh air, you can choose to keep the blinds down or windows open to enjoy breeze in summers. Noon-Blinds-Modern-Window-Dressings-005 Made of non-woven Polypropylene material, these blinds are environmentally friendly and are fully biodegradable. Partly made from recycled materials, these blinds are manufactured and assembled in the USA. Noon-Blinds-Modern-Window-Dressings-06 Video: Noon Blinds at Night from Romy Randev on Vimeo.

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