Nook Coffee Table

The Nook is a coffee table with multi-functional purpose aside from being traditional decor and used for placing your edibles. As summed up from the designer Dave Pickett, the Nook is designed to meet the needs of those with small living space by giving it the partial finish and function of a bookshelf within a coffee table. One of the ledges on the nook drops down in a sharp angle giving it a platform to hold a few books upright; hence, the bookshelf. It’s made out of soft maple hardwood and oiled with Tung oil giving it its particular finish. Also, there is plenty of room underneath this coffee table giving you storage space if needed. The other unique feature shows that the Nook does not have legs like a traditional coffee table. It has two points for sturdy support that seem to fall into its structure as a natural fold, which is the same idea that gives it its very bookshelf. You can see that the Nook is a light colour that gives a neutral tone to match with any other piece of decor in your household quite nicely. Having a bookshelf apart of a coffee table is very unusual, but the styling of the Nook appears to be done with such excellent craftsmanship that it looks like a very high-end piece of furniture. It is definitely nice to have something like that in your household especially if it’s not spacious enough for more furniture. This design was created as a project from a student who now is a full-time designer, Dave Pickett. For more information about this product contact Dave Pickett through Behance via message and see if it’s still available for purchase and where it can be bought, or contact design milk through their many options online.

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