Noke: Bluetooth Padlock

You’re about to walk out the door of your house. What do you always need to bring with you? You probably need to bring your wallet, phone, and of course, your keys.  However, keys can be lost, can be rather brittle, and at times can be difficult to use.  Plus, individual keys can be confused with your other keys. Yet combination locks aren’t much better. Their combinations can be forgotten, and inputting combinations can be a finicky process. When sharing your key or combination with someone, there is always a risk of that person losing the key or of that person abusing the access you have granted them. These are two archaic systems of protecting your property. This is why FUZ has designed Noke, a Bluetooth padlock that eliminates the need for keys and combinations by linking to your smartphone. noke-bluetooth-padlock-02 Noke is controlled through the Noke app where you can create a profile, set up, and manage your Noke. Using Bluetooth technology, Noke connects to your phone, sensing when you are in or out of its range. Once you are near Noke and it has paired with the smartphone, all that needs to be done to unlock it is to press down on the shackle. This will immediately release the locking mechanism. If this option for unlocking is not ideal for you, you can turn this auto-unlock feature off and use the app to either enter the lock code for that padlock or use the unlock button for that specific lock. noke-bluetooth-padlock-03 Noke can be used in various locking capacities such as locking gates, lockers, storage garages and bikes. In all of these uses, a user may need to let someone else unlock their Bluetooth padlock. This can be easily done through the app’s sharing feature, which allows owners to share unlocking information for a limited amount of time, as well as track the history of who and when someone has unlocked the padlock. This way, you essentially have a shareable lock without ever having to worry about someone losing a key or that person abusing his or her access to your property. noke-bluetooth-padlock-04 There are two potential concerns with Noke. The first concern is that if your smartphone does not have a charge or is damaged in some way, there is no way to access what you’ve locked with the Noke. This concern is quelled by the Noke code unlock feature, where a user can manually set a code that will allow its users to unlock Noke without their smartphone. The padlock also constantly uses battery power in-order to search for and pair with the users smartphone. From this rises the second concern that Noke could potentially run out of battery. Fortunately, Noke will send users notifications through the app long before they absolutely need to change their batteries, so you will have ample time to replace its power source. With the Bluetooth padlock, Noke, there is no need for unnecessarily cluttering your keychain with cumbersome keys or fumbling around with combination locks.

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