NoBowl: Innovative Cat Feeding System

The NoBowl is an innovative cat feeing system that replaces the old, drab, and boring bowl. Created and designed by veterinarian Dr. Liz Bales, the NoBowl cat feeding system is a healthy and playful alternative to traditional feeding bowls. NoBowl-02 Dr. Bales applied her research findings in veterinary medicine to create this ingenious design. NoBowl is also inspired by the natural and behavioral instincts of the cats and their love to hunt for food. NoBowl-03 This is a scientific portion-controlled system that meets all of your pets needs – smell, predictability, motion, movement, clasp, and tactile skin. Instinctively, the NoBowl design supports not only the cats’s physical health, but also its mental health. Besides being intuitive hunters, cats are very happy and healthy when their eating includes some form of an activity. NoBowl-04 Clean, safe, comfortable, and easy to use, the NoBowl dispenses dry food in a way that triggers your feline friend’s inborn cycle of hunting, toying, stalking, playing with the prey, grooming and sleeping. This smart device stimulates all of their sensory notions in a similar manner to when they actually hunt outside. NoBowl-05 The NoBowl is also very easy to clean. The plastic NoBowls can be washed with soap and water, or they can be washed on the top shelf of a dishwasher. The skin of the NoBowl is washing machine safe, and can be quickly air-dried. NoBowl-06 The tactile design of the NoBowl Skin stimulates the cat’s natural desire to use its claws and teeth while gripping and playing with the food. NoBowl-07 It may depend on your pet’s individuality to accept or dislike this cat friendly product. Though most owners are happy with the NoBowl. They find that their cats are more active, lively, and friendly after using this innovative cat feeding system. It can mellow down an aggressive cat with the additional benefit weight loss in desired cases. To order your very own NowBowl, click here. Video:

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