No More Woof: Dog’s Thoughts To Human Language

No More Woof is a device developed by the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery (NSID) that translates your dog’s thoughts into human language. Understand your dogs emotions and thoughts clearly with this device. Currently a work in progress, there are prototypes out for those who are interested in trying out the technology. no-more-woof-05 These prototypes are able to learn through everyday simulation of the thought and speech patterns that your dog does and compile them so that the device will be able to translate your dog’s speech in human language. This also means that the technology grows and develops itself everyday. no-more-woof-02b The technology used for No More Woof are part Electroencephalogram (EEG) sensoring, part Micro Computing, and part special BCI software. By combining all these methods and technologies, the NSID is able to make huge discoveries and further improve their research, so much so that they are able to produce these prototypes for the market to try out. no-more-woof-03 Though it is only in its early stages, take note of how even the first ever computer prototype was a large bulky machine that wasn’t all that much to use and look at. However, through various prototypes and testing, the computer is able to evolve, and the NSID are also hoping for their technology to evolve through continuous testing. no-more-woof-04 Through the various technology put into this, the device taps into the neurosystem of your dog and reads the EEG and translates it to human Language. Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) is also used to detect, analyze, and translate further the brainwaves of the dogs with this device on into more comprehensive thoughts. Video:

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