Niwa: Grow Indoor Garden With Phone

Intelligent and smart gardening is just an app away for those who want to have an indoor garden that is hassle free. The Niwa is an indoor hydroponic greenhouse that lets you take care of your plants in an easy way. It takes care of water, feed, light and humidity, all from an app on your smartphone. Niwa-Grow-Indoor-Garden-With-Phone-01 The Niwa is competent like a farmer’s brain, so it knows how to grow the healthiest fruits, vegetables and herbs in an indoor garden system. Fully automated, it uses sensors to create the perfect growing environment for your plants. Watering and feeding them exactly what and when they need it. It calculates peak performance, works with accuracy and gives positive results. Niwa-Grow-Indoor-Garden-With-Phone-02 Just tap your phone and see your garden flourish. All you have to do is tell the app what you want to grow, such as tomatoes, peppers, herbs or exotic strawberries and leave the rest to the app. It will load a pre-programmed setting for your plant, and you can monitor the growth from sprouting to flowering stage and further. Niwa-Grow-Indoor-Garden-With-Phone-03 You can track your plants progress, the current status, living conditions, and get feedback. You can even receive educational messages to add to your information and exploration, so you can build up endless possibilities. In addition, you can control and channelize climate variations as well as have your own custom settings. It is simple and easy, anyone can use it. Niwa-Grow-Indoor-Garden-With-Phone-04 Keeping in mind your busy life, Niwa asks only little inputs from your side. You have to do three basic steps and you are done. One, download the Niwa app and connect to the Internet. Second, plant your select seeds in Niwa’s hydroponic system. And third, tell the app what you want to grow. Niwa-Grow-Indoor-Garden-With-Phone-05 Video:

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