NITRO KING 2.0: Cold Brew Coffee of the Future

There have been so many new unique coffee drinks that have been introduced within the past couple of years. We have all seen the rise of cool coffee drinks such as lattes with amazing art, charcoal coffee, and who could forget the beloved unicorn drink. These specialty drinks are usually only found in coffee shops and most of the time cannot be replicated at home due to the lack of equipment. The Brewing Company has created the Nitro King 2.0, which allows users to brew their own specialty nitrogen coffee drinks. The Nitro King 2.0 (N2) is a portable coffee machine that infuses nitrogen with cold brew coffee to create a rich flavour combination. With this easy to use device, there is no need to have complex coffee machines to brew a cup of coffee. The N2 uses a nitrogen cartridge which gets released into the bottle where the coffee is stored. Simply inset the cartridge and rotate it to release the nitrogen, shake the N2 and let the coffee mix with the nitrogen. The nitro coffee will taste like nothing you’ve ever had before. The nitrogen infused with the cold brew creates a uniquely rich taste by enhancing the flavours and even making the coffee creamier. Nitrogen decreases the sour taste of the coffee making it sweeter, and the micro bubbles that form are what makes the texture of the nitro coffee so creamy.  With the N2, you are not just limited to coffee. You can create nitro lattes, teas, juice, and even beer! Nitro coffee has been an increasing trend in the coffee world for a number of years now. Unlike traditional cold brew, nitro coffee has an enhanced flavour palette and elevates your cold brew drinking experience. Make this at home and enjoy a great cup of nitro coffee!

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