Ninja Pillow Travel Jacket.

There are products out there that we can find some other use for away from their original intention. Obviously, there are products that have been designed with more than one feature. For example, a sofa that can be used for sitting and for sleeping as the construction of it will push and pull for either of those purposes. Products that give us other uses from their original purpose really boil down to how creative a person can be. We have most likely at some point had to use our jackets as a blanket in a theatre, or for sleeping in a cold area. We may have also scrunched it up as a pillow for a rest when travelling. TMAX Strategy & Marketing created the Ninja Pillow Jacket with those ideas in mind. A jacket that converts into a pillow to be exact. To turn the Ninja Pillow Jacket into a pillow only takes three easy steps. You need to pull out the side symmetry pockets, insert jacket into those pockets, and then re-shape it to get the pillow you want. The fabric of the jacket itself is water repellent.  There is also a face mask that is hidden in the hood and can be pulled out when wanted. The mask is hidden in the back of the hood. The jackets comes in two colors: bright red and lime green. The Ninja Pillow Travel Jacket is the perfect travelling companion. Having a necessary item turn into another necessary item without additional packing is ingenious. For more information on this product, go to the Red Dot 21 website.

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