Nimbus: Self-Watering Planter

In many ways, people can relate to the plants sitting near their windows. Plants promote well-being, and a lot us want to mimic that lifestyle. Plants require sunshine, hydration, and lots of care in order to grow. Though, obstacles can sometimes come in the way and we don’t have time to care for our plants– or, for ourselves. Consequently, we may not feel too well, and in a similar way, plants may feel this way and dry up. Undoubtedly, we all have busy lives, we may be on vacation, or we simply forgot to water our plants. The NIMBUS is perfect for any scenario. nimbus-03 Created by Milton B. Watson, a lover of science and art, the NIMBUS Intelligent Watering System makes us feel like we’ve hired an expert to precisely water our precious plants. The NIMBUS works by automatically watering our plants for several months. Whether you use the NIMBUS before putting your spices in the garden, or you use it for delicate plants that need just the right amount of moisture to be maintained, you could now grow beautiful plants without worrying about watering them. Clearly, container gardening is simpler than ever, whether you’re a fan of indoor plants or outdoor ones. nimbus-010 The NIMBUS is the best on the market as it listens closely to the plants’ needs– how much water it needs and when it needs it. This watering system is the only one out there with a “wet/dry” system. Sometimes, if a plant has too much water and moisture, it could actually not grow in the way it was meant to grow. At times, plants also require dryness and that’s just another way in which the NIMBUS differs from every other automatic plant watering system. nimbus-06 The NIMBUS works as a two-part system. It has a two-part reservoir around the unique plant pot. It’s simple: fill the top reservoir with water, insert the actuator, and then the NIMBUS does the rest. With just one fill, this watering system provides a water supply for approximately 4 months. Before the NIMBUS runs out of water, an indicator will show you that the plant’s water levels are running low. The NIMBUS’ best, most useful and unique feature is its ability to adjust to the plants’ environments. For instance, as your plant grows larger, the NIMBUS will provide more water. nimbus-01 nimbus-02 So, you could finally stop worrying about everything that comes with growing plants and just enjoy their beauty– whether you have a green thumb or not. nimbus-04

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