Nimbus 2.0: Smart Towel Rack

Don’t let the name fool you, this high-tech piece of equipment is not Harry Potter’s first broomstick. In fact, it doesn’t fly at all, but rather, it remains station in your bathroom, acting as a multi-functional smart bathroom towel rack. Created by the Nimbus team, a group stationed in Shenzhen, China that specializes in the research and development of small household appliances, the Nimbus 2.0 is a towel rack that does much more than just hold your towels. nimbus-2.0-smart-towel-1 It might be a universal dirty little secret that people don’t wash their towels after one use. Raise your hands if you use your towels multiple times before considering tossing it into the laundry basket! Now think about the bacteria that may be lurking there. Bacteria thrive in humid environments, and adding the fact that towels are used to wipe off excess dirt, grime, and skin particles, they are the perfect spot for bacterial empires to grow. Nimbus 2.0 takes the fear of dirty towels away. nimbus_2.0_01 A high-tech shelf connected underneath with a rack and several hooks, a UV light shines on the used towels to disinfect them. The short-wave UV waveband remains on for a period of ten minutes before the smart interface turns itself off, making sure that it’s safe for eventual human contact. nimbus_2.0_02 Not only does it disinfect towels, but the top space of the interface acts as a storage unit to place any spare toiletries or decor. When not in use, the smart towel rack is able to tell the temperature of the bathroom and keeps time as well. A singer in the shower? The Nimbus 2.0 has bluetooth connectivity so that you’re able to hook up your phone and start your own private karaoke session. Water damage to your phone from playing inside a heated bathroom is a thing of the past. nimbus-2.0-smart-towel-3 The smart towel rack is a must-have accessory for your bathroom that will keep your towels bacteria-free and keep your music rocking.

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