Nimb: The Safety Smart Ring

If you ever feel that your personal security or health will be compromised there is now a faster electronic means for you to take compared to dialling a mobile phone. A mobile phone is very helpful without a doubt, but there is another option out there that doesn’t require pressing buttons for a log-in, and then dialling a emergency number, which can get very time consuming. This extraordinary device alerts policing stations, private security services, friends and family, and a local community using a wireless signal. This wireless signal is transmitted when a panic button is pressed. It can be pressed without notice and just takes milliseconds to do so. The panic button is at the underside of a ring. This ring is called the Nimb ring. nimb   The Nimb ring comes in two shades: black and white. The design of the Nimb is considered to be suitable for any occasion and it can be worn daily. The finger size of the Nimb ranges from 3 – 12; so, anyone can wear it and any finger can be chosen to don this safety ring. nimb-2 A cry for help in an emergency state will probably not come in an organized manner. Therefore, any slight discomfort of a harmful situation to you can be a matter of life and death taking an early precaution. A slip of your finger to press a button will be all it takes for your well-being and safety. nimb-1 The Nimb can be pre-ordered on its website at or funded on the Indiegogo site. The spokesperson for the Nimb had her own brush with death as she describes her injuries from an assault in the video below. She firmly believes the reason she lives today, and leads a happy life came from her call for help, which came quick. The Nimb gives the chance of safety. Support this project for everyone’s safety.

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