Night Runner PRO Shoe Lights

Sometimes a great run can do so much for our minds and bodies. The desire to be active and to feel yourself become effortless and fast can really strike anytime. There are morning people and there are night owls. A late night run can be a great thing and it might be something that many of us desire to do, but one of the biggest issues can be the lighting of your environment. Night-1 Night Runner PRO Shoe Lights provide you with that option. Launched by Nighthawk Running LLC, these shoes can easily illuminate whatever path you decide to take. With over 10 hours of battery life and a removable lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack, these lights prove to be the perfect accessory for a night run. Forget about headbands or extra straps, these lights make any runner visible to traffic. Night-4 The smart lights are controlled by using an app on your smartphone via bluetooth technology. The app is compatible with iOS and Android, enables you to control the brightness, and also shows the shoe light’s battery life. The innovators of this product are Doug and Renata Stoner, the founders of Nighthawk Running. Night Runner Pro is the second product launched under their business umbrella. Both founders have many years of experience in technology and design, thus ensuring the optimum performance of this product. Night-3 In 2015, NightRunner 270 was launched. This previous design was featured on spots such as Shark Tank, Good Morning America Fox News, Discovery Channel, and many others. The media and sales coverage helped to add credibility to the product’s brand. Night-2 Night Runner Pro has now expanded their outreach to Kickstarter. For more information about this amazing and innovative product, check out their page and remember the company’s formula for success: Success is sweat, plus long nights and You.

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