Nico Less: Stackable Minimalist Chair

The Nico Less Stackable Minimalist Chair is an all rounder piece of seating. A tribute to industrial designer Niko Kralj, it is a well put together ergonomic, and eco-friendly chair while at the same time, being trendy with its minimal design. nico-less-03 The Nico Less is the solution to your small space issue. It’s hard to put away chunky furniture that you don’t need without taking up a lot of room in your storage. This chair is designed for exactly that. It is a congress seat that can be linked into compositions of various lengths or it can also be stored into vertical stacks. Being designed with this purpose, the chairs are able to stack without compromising the design. nico-less-05 The chair also goes above and beyond the eco-friendly test. It is made 60 percent of recycled PP bottles and 40 percent of non-woven textiles. It is produced entirely of sustainable materials. nico-less-02The seat has ergonomic triangular plates, which adapts to your body so you can sit comfortably. It can transform into an office chair when made with two metallic bases or into a living room chair when made with a wooden base, both designed to be a comfortable piece of seating furniture. nico-less-04

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