NEXT Keyboard : More Power At Your Fingertips

When it comes to technology, it’s always on to the next! The NEXT Keyboard is designed to enhance your iPhone experience to its maximum potential. The keyboard essentially functions as a smart keyboard for the smartphone. It contains features like better shifting, emoji suggesting (for those times when you are overwhelmed with emotions and don’t know where to start) and much more. It’s definitely the NEXT step for iPhone users to take. The NEXT keyboard was developed by the Toronto-based studio Tiny Hearts App, the same people who brought other apps like ‘Wake Alarm’ and ‘Quick Fit’ to the app store. The NEXT keyboard boasts a seamless typing experience with its list of third-party features. Some of the features that top the list are the swipe-to-type function, the quick cursor control and prediction algorithm, quick switching themes to enhance the keyboard, and emoji switching functions to suit the nature of your texting conversation. The swipe-to-type function that can also be found in other third party keyboards, is essentially a function that allows you to swipe the keyboard to type as opposed to pressing the individual icons. While initially confusing, it becomes an efficient time-saver for busy individuals who are regularly on their phones. The quick curser control and prediction algorithm works a bit like the inbuilt dictionary. The keyboard predicts what you’re trying say while you type and fills in the rest of the sentence so that you don’t have to. It can also change suggestions based on the context of the text. This function can be easily turned off by jumping straight to the in-app settings and turning off the word predictions. With the quick cursor, you can simply drag your finger over the space bar to direct the cursor as opposed to fumbling it around. The emojis function is located at the rightmost of the word prediction area just above the keys. It can be easily tapped to bring up dozens of emojis. You can either scroll though them or switch between emoji groups. Furthermore, with the Next keyboard, based on what you’ve typed, the app places emoji suggestions that are only a tap away. The perfect solution for the eternally emoji confused! This app has so many amazing features that talking about them all would only take up more time that could be spent actually checking it out!

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