Newton: Lever-Press Espresso Maker

For so many people, their day cannot start until they’ve had their first cup of coffee. On the market, we see so many options in coffee makers, it has become harder to just make a plain cup of coffee. Now, envision a coffee maker that lowers the environmental and financial costs that go along with a fresh cup of joe. Hayden Maunsell, a designer from Hawke’s Bay New Zealand, wanted to create an espresso machine without compromising on design. Together with Alan Neilson, a seasoned craftsman, the duo set off to do just that. Their creation transcends the concept of a simple “coffee machine”. The Newton Espresso maker is a lever press design that creates a beautiful shot of espresso. It functions in the same way a hydraulic press does: the use of human body weight and pressure evenly come down on the beans to simply decrease waste level and byproducts. It produces a distinctive crema, the flavourful and aromatic portion of an espresso shot. A strong crema is indicative of a quality cup, lending itself to provide a fuller flavour unique to espresso. The Newton Press delivers this every time through its sleek piston design. The Newton eliminates the clutter of pods, bags, filters, therefore leaving you with coffee grounds which can be disposed of in your compost pile. Handcrafted with care, each press uses the basics to produce an effortless cup of coffee: beans, water, and pressure. The press embodies an elongated sturdy shape that blends into any kitchen design concept but still exists as a standout feature of your counter space. Think of the press as an extension of you; elevate your kitchen with style and decrease your consumption. Very minimal cleaning of the machine is required to the hot water being flushed through the piston regularly. Dismantling the entire system is very easy if deep cleaning is demanded. Choose from a warm colour palette to cozy up your kitchen or indulge yourself with one in darker tones to add edge to your space. Either way, the Newton Coffee Press will leave you satisfied every time.

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