Neptune: New-Age Waterproof Headphones

Avid swimmers and aquatic athletes, this one is for you. Finis, a California-based company that produces swim accessories and swimwear, has unveiled a waterproof music listening device that works underwater. If you’ve ever wanted to listen to some heart-pumping, montage-inspiring jams while you complete your laps, the Neptune is just what you need. Finding good quality, well-designed products that work underwater can be difficult, but Finis is trying to make it easier for this niche market. Neptune_02What makes these waterproof headphones interesting and innovative, isn’t its waterproof body, but the lack of ear buds. Instead of having the headphones resting in or over the ears, the two speakers are clipped to your goggles and rest over your cheekbones. Neptune uses bone conduction audio transmission to send vibrations through your cheekbones to your inner ear. This method creates clear sound underwater, but doesn’t work as well out of the water. The headphones are connected to a waterproof music player that holds 4GB of music, audio books, podcasts, etc. That’s a lot of laps. The music player features an LED screen that displays the song title and play status, and sits behind the head comfortably. The design of the whole three-piece set was created with a swimmer’s motion in mind – these headphones won’t get in the way of your perfect backstroke. Neptune_03 Whether you’re a swimmer or not, the idea of communicating audio with vibrations through the face is a compelling technique. It sounds a little like science fiction, but can soon be found at your local pool. The future is now!

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