Nemo’s Portable Shower

Nemo has developed a portable outdoor shower with a very compact feature of tank expansion and reduction from the fill and depletion of water respectively. This product is called the Helio LX Pressure Shower. It can be purchased on Amazon for only $140. For those who love and participate in outdoor activities, and usually need an immediate clean after an end of riding waves, or building up a sweat from hiking, or from just camping etc., the Helio LX is the best portable shower out there. Opinions may vary, but the ease, compactness and the sound quality of the Helio LX will sway anyone. Specifically, the increase and decrease of the Helio LX comes from the utilization of fabric for a tank, and having it pressurized from the mechanization of a foot pump. It stands at 23 inches when full and shrinks down to 6 inches when empty. The flow of water is handled from a hose that can be mended to target anywhere the user wants. Much like a garden hose except with a different nozzle. The water released from the shower head doesn’t need to be hung as a regular shower head would be, but just gripped to control water direction. One just needs to pump the tank using his/her foot, and have an instant steady shower for approximately 5-7 minutes. This tank has a capacity of 22 litres, and the hose length is 10 metres. To change the temperature of the water, one would put the tank out in the sun to absorb the heat, and for cooler temperatures one just needs to fill it with colder water. Also, there are lots of other uses for running water than just for personal hygiene—the uses are endless! To get some more information about this product, visit the Nemo website.

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