Nemo: Capture HD Footage Underwater

The ocean is one of the world’s greatest mysteries to this day. So vast and intricate, there is still more to explore. It is a lack of access that has slowed down progress on this frontier as human beings cannot really thrive under the water. All of us ordinary people cannot afford the thousands upon thousands of dollars of equipment to share in this interesting exploration. With the Nemo, capture HD footage underwater and share in the excitement of seeing things you normally would not have access to. Using four thrusters, Nemo can be operated to give steady images and recordings whilst moving or hovering in the water. It is capable of diving to depths of 100 meters. You can operate the drone for 3 hours while charged for 1.5 hours. Connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can look at your pictures and videos from your phone on the spot. Your phone also acts as the remote for the Nemo. A compact package with a lot to offer, the Nemo can open your eyes to a whole new world you never thought about before. Share your experiences and even relive them with VR integration, putting you or somebody else in the Nemo’s shoes through the footage you recorded. You do not need to get wet to experience the wonders under the sea. To learn more and get your very own Nemo, check out their Kickstarter.

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