Nello: Magnetic Bike Bell Ball

I left my bike out on my balcony last winter.  With its chrome fenders and bell, needless to say that the poor thing now has some rust issues.  I changed the fenders to plastic in the spring, but the bell, well, I wasn’t entirely convinced that I needed to replace it.  It’s just a bell after all.  But after listening to its sad little dull click click click all summer, I began to seriously consider replacing it.  And now that fall has returned, my bike sits neglected on the balcony yet again, and I can only imagine the impending damage.  So, I think it may be time for an upgrade.  After all, if you’re a casual cyclist, ringing the bell and hearing that pure ding is one of the best parts, right?  On that note, even though bicycles have come a long way since their inception in the early 1800s, it seems the bell hasn’t changed all that much.  That is, until now.  Palomar, a company with Italian roots, has given us the Nello Magnetic Bike Bell.  A clear upgrade from the classic bell, the Nello Bell is just as cute, but with a whole lot more personality. Nello-03 The Nello Magnetic Bike Bell is, as the name states, magnetic.  You can easily slip its base on the handlebar and toss on the bell.  Each time you detach the bell, its tone changes.  It has three different rings in total, so it’s incredibly easy to choose your favourite one.  Just a simple tap on its head sets it off. Nello-01 Although the Nello Bell does require batteries, they come included when you make your purchase. It’s available in three different colours: black, red and off-white. Nello-04 Nello is incredibly easy to take off and put back on too.  So if you need to stop anywhere while biking, you can just pop it in your pocket; no need to worry about anyone taking it.  Best of all (for me anyway), it’s weatherproof!  It’s the small things in life, people.

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