Nectro Pen: Circuit The World

Nectro might look like a standard pen or highlighter, but in reality it is far more specialized than your typical office tool. Nectro is a pen that is filled with conductive ink that uses advanced nano-technology. The pen enables each user to to draw functional circuits on photo paper, or specially coated transparent film. nectro-pen-circuit-the-world-02 Nectro is ideal for anyone who either regularly works with electronics and/or plans on working with electronics in the future. It can especially be useful for those who aren’t as familiar, gain valuable knowledge about circuits as it allows people to draw it out for themselves and control the way the electricity flows through the circuit, making it a neat potential addition to a physics classroom or a science workshop. Additionally, the pen is better organized and more affordable than the average circuit board which makes learning far more ideal – a perfect solution for those who find the idea of learning anything to do with electricity muddling and perhaps a little confusing. nectro-pen-circuit-the-world-03 Like many pencils and pens, the Netro also includes an eraser. The eraser is made of a formulated erasing ink that interrupts the current. This allows the individual using the pen to easily draw and then erase different circuits, as according to their preferences. Netro is also convenient because the pen’s ink dries in a speedy 3 seconds with immediate conductivity and no residue, reducing the risk of any previous circuit drawings interfering with new circuit plans. nectro-pen-circuit-the-world-04 To learn more about Netro, click here to view the product website, or here to follow its Kickstarter campaign.

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