Nebia Shower: Use 70% Less Water

The shower is a tranquil place. It’s a private sanctuary where you can be alone with your thoughts and a space where some of the best ideas are birthed. Experience a shower like no other with Nebia, a self-installed shower with an adjustable bracket and a portable wand that uses 70% less water than a typical shower. nebia-shower-02 Spraying millions of tiny water-droplets that gently wash your body, Nebia leaves your skin clean and hydrated. With Nebia, you’ll never have to worry about overusing water or running up your hydro bill. Go ahead, take an extra 10 minutes to condition your hair or rehearse asking your boss for a raise. nebia-shower-03 A diverse team of environmentally conscious innovators, headed by Carlos Gomez Andonaegui, created Nebia. The Nebia team used aerospace engineering to produce a technology called H2MICRO™. This technology is the base of Nebia’s atomizing nozzles that use pressure and geometry to control the dispersion of fluid. nebia-shower-04 Nebia is 13 times more thermally efficient than a traditional household shower. It saves thousands of gallons of water a year and also helps you conserve energy. Traditional showers use more energy than a Nebia shower just to heat the water, which goes straight down the drain. Nebia’s greater dispersion of droplets allows warm water to mix with the surrounding air, heating your shower better and faster all while using 70% less water. The result? If everyone in California switched to a Nebia shower, they’d collectively save a staggering 203 billion gallons of water a year and $3.9 billion a year in utilities. nebia-shower-10 Without breaking your bathroom tile, Nebia hangs from your wall attaching a shower head that rotates up to 45 degrees. Its adjustable arm slides 27 inches up and down to accommodate the tallest to the shortest person in your household. Designed with a multi-layer mesh filter, Nebia ensures less clogging and more consistent water pressure over the years. Prefer bigger water-droplets? Simply choose a higher strength mode to enjoy your desired water pressure. nebia-shower-07 Using Nebia is a great way to save water and energy without sacrificing the pleasure of having a long and relaxing shower. Nebia is a user-friendly, functional and practical addition to any bathroom and perfect for shower-lovers of all shapes and sizes.  

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