Nautica Hanging Chair by Expormim

The Nautica Hanging Chair is an entirely unique specimen. It pays homage to one of the very first pieces incepted by Expormim in the seventies. Additionally, just like its predecessor, it uses rattan in bold new refreshing ways. Expormim has 50 years of extensive history specializing in textile work for both indoor and outdoor pieces, thus you can trust in a commitment to quality and excellence. It is adaptable to any interior and exterior space. Hang it from a tree in your backyard or have it float in the centre of your living room. The sway of the chair generates intricate shadows reminiscent of sunlight falling across the ocean waves. However, even with its light breezy demeanor, the chair is dependable for its sturdiness and resistance. As the winner of the Reddot Award of 2014, the chair boasts playfulness and distinctiveness that evokes a bygone era. Furthermore, the look is exotic and draws in elements of nature into your home. Nautica makes for a great reading nook for quiet relaxation, or simply sit in the abundance of nature and bask in the great outdoors. Engineered by Mut Designs, Nautica embodies a grand attention to detail and possesses a respect for the traditional crafting of rattan but refreshed for a modern look. Add flavour to your home and invite a warm sense of comfort into any landscape.

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