Natura Cork Fireplace

If you ever need a portable fireplace, and one of quality, look no further than the Tek Lumber’s Natura Cork Fireplace. Tek Lumber is the manufacturer of this product and Inngage designed it. The Natura Cork Fireplace has many important features that will draw you to it for purchase. Such as portability. Portability always gives that quality we need because it means a product can be easily moved and packed up. The Natura is not only portable but it has an “old school” feature of looking like a radiator, with the use of cork. The cork is modularly cut, and is movable if one chooses. For instance, if someone wanted to move a few pieces of cork to tuck away in a corner, that can be done. Cork is also keeps cool when the wooden stove is burning fuel, which is an important feature to have if children are around. This product has had rigorous testing and uses innovative technology for top performance. It is coated with high-temperature paint to ensure excellent function without wear and tear. There’s also options of the handle and feet to come in oak, beech, and cherry woods. The clean glass technology will keep the glass clean for a better view. One would see the wood burning and know when to re-fuel. The steel is laser cut and welded together. Inside vermiculite will provide durability and high heating power. There are low C02 emissions, and the Natura Cork Fireplace does not need much wood consumption either. This carefully crafted product for winter warmth will fit where you need it to, use very little fuel, and provide safety as handling this fireplace (opening and closing or coming to close to it) will not be risky to any extend. This product is well rated and is listed on the reddot21 website, and products that are excellent quality are always listed on that website. For more information go to the following website:

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