NATEDE: Smart Natural Air Purifier

Pollution is an issue that most people think only applies to the outdoors. However, the majority of air indoors is extremely polluted with dust, carbon dioxide, volatile organic compounds, fine particulates, odors, bacteria and even viruses. It can be up to 5 times more polluted than outdoor air. We spend the majority of our lives indoors but having good indoor air quality is something that we usually don’t take into consideration. Clairy is an Italian company that has created a unique and eco-friendly way to filter the air indoors. Their product NATEDE looks like an ordinary plant in a pot, but the inner operations of the device make air purifying simple. NATEDE is a natural air purifier that uses plants to filter the air. The design incorporates the natural process of phytoremediation to purify the air. Traditional pots block the airflow of oxygen through the roots while NATEDE maximizes air purification by adding a fan near the base of the pot to stream clean air into the surrounding area. Unlike other air purifiers, NATEDE uses an aspect of nature that is perfectly designed to purify air along with a filter that is reusable to make all components of it sustainable. NATEDE has a motion sensor that requires only a gentle wave to turn it on. The LED light at the front of the pot lights up and indicates the level of air quality. If the LED light stays fixed, you are breathing good air but the more it blinks the worse air quality is in the room. It has a self-watering system and is extremely quiet. A unique component of NATEDE is the connection to WiFi. It is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home. There is also a featured app that allows you to track the air quality, control the device, choose the setting of purification, and see aspects such as temperature or VOC levels. NATEDE is a technologically advanced purifier that will surely increase your overall quality of life. Check out their products here!

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