Napoli Multi-Fueled Outdoor Pizza Oven

Are you someone who likes to make your own restaurant quality pizza? Then you probably have tried to make one in your oven that did not quite capture the feel of a restaraunt oven. Given that those cost thousands (without even getting into installation fees), this has always been a necessary compromise until now. However, now there is the Napoli Multi-Fueled Outdoor Pizza Oven. This is a high quality, easy to use authentic multi-fueled outdoor pizza oven  and is available at a price that is actually affordable. You needn’t worry about this oven taking a long time to work, as a result of being affordable.  In fact, a Neapolitan pizza can be made in less than 90 seconds at the right temperature with this pizza. This is a multi-fueled oven, that can use pellets, charcoal, wood or gas to heat the oven for whatever you need. This is a product that follows in the tradition of the Tabletop Pizza Oven, but this goes somewhat further, as you can also cook other foods such as meat, fish, vegetables and even desserts.  What makes this oven stand out even more though is that it is portable and can be transported to anywhere you want to make food. The oven is designed for maximum utility, and also to be an oven that is fun to use, and provide the best tasting food. You can use this while camping, at a friend’s house for a BBQ or just a quiet get together. You can finally make a restaurant quality pizza on your own terms.  Whereas some manufactures will use thin sheet metal walls, floor and ceiling, this will affect the taste of the food somewhat and make it less authentic. The Napoli on the other hand,  uses thick walls that are fully insulated, to create a much better quality product that provides the best taste possible. For chefs and home cooks alike, this is the oven for you. You can find more information here.  

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