Napa Organics Agribeauty Products

By February 14, 2013 IPPINKA BLOG, Product Stories

Although known for their world-class wines, Napa Valley grows more than high quality grapes. Napa Organics, a small, family-run business handmakes “Agribeauty” products in small batches, using a simple set of one to five ingredients, sourced from local organic family farms.


One of Napa Organics’s philosophies is that their products should contain nothing more than what is necessary for your skin. No added fillers, water, or synthetics.

napa-organics-3 napa-organics-4

Even the packaging and labelling speaks to the products’ minimalism and focus: this is the product name, and here are the ingredients.

napa-organics-5 napa-organics-6

Napa Organics has kept the range of products it offers down to a minimum, which allows them to focus on pursuing quality.

napa-organics-7 napa-organics-8

Note: we have not tried these products yet, so we cannot speak to the products themselves.

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