myFC Powertrekk: Power Your Phone Using Water

I know what you’re thinking. Another portable charger. But if there wasn’t any spice in life, we wouldn’t have any options and we would be stuck with the same boring thing forever. From solar powered to gas induced fuel cells and now to Powertrekk — this portable charger offers an environmentally friendly and easy way to charge on the go. Created by myFC, a Swedish innovation company that focuses on industrializing environmentally friendly energy sources, Powertrekk gets the best of both worlds with portable chargers. Where the solar chargers have capabilities limited to the degree of the sun and fuel cell energy chargers needing compressed gas can sound a wee bit dangerous, Powertrekk provide great and constant power at a more efficient cost. myfc-powertrekk-power-your-phone-01 The device uses a fuel cell, but instead of being gas or solar powered, it produces electricity through water (or any liquid containing water) and the myFC Puck with salt. The combination of water and salt creates energy. This is better than a portable battery since the battery simply acts as a storage system. Once the charge is gone, the storage is empty. The Powertrekk is more than just a storage unit; it creates energy through electrochemical conversion powered by water and salt within the myFC Puck. myfc-powertrekk-power-your-phone-03 What’s great about Powertrekk is its feature of having both a fuel cell and a portable battery. Once the energy from the fuel cell is done, use the portable battery as back up. Double the energy for one sitting. This portable charger has a 6.5 W charging output and is compatible with all USB devices with a 1-2 hour charging time and the ability to be taken on an aircraft. No bigger than a walkie talkie at 66 x 128 x 46 mm and weighing 300g, Powertrekk is yet another alternative to on-the-go charging.

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