Mycroft Mark II: The Open Voice Assistant

Life is too short to spend so much time doing various tasks. If you could skip even a single step, multiple times throughout the day, then it could make the difference between getting that last item on your to-do-list done. Or you could use some extra time at the end of the day and reward yourself for doing so much by relaxing. Whatever you could do with a little extra time in your day, Joshua Montgomery and his team on Kickstarter can give you that freedom with the Mycroft Mark II: the open voice assistant. Mycroft Mark II is the innovative voice interaction device that can save you time and make life easier. Similar to Google Home and Amazon Echo, Mycroft Mark II allows you to interact with your technology by speaking to it. Without touching the device you can get answers to your questions, play music, check the weather, update and view your calendar, and so much more. Unlike the other voice activated devices on the market, Mycroft is open source. Being open source means that the community of users have a lot of options for customizing their experience, adding widgets and skills to use, and most importantly: it will not spy on you. There is a justified caution when it comes to using such devices nowadays. Rumours say that other devices on the market store your every word, whether you activated the device by a prompt or not. This causes annoying, targeted ads based on your private conversations, but more importantly it infringes upon your privacy. Mycroft Mark II will not record anything you say unless you opt-in to do so. Once a task is completed your speech data is erased. On top of giving you piece of mind, the Mycroft Mark II offers better interactions than the competition. Answers to some questions appear on the four inched LCD touch screen so you do not have to listen too carefully if you do not want to. It uses 6 different microphones to detect where the prompt is coming from so it can pick you out from loud noise and even across the room. It is also equipped with high quality 110W speakers for not only responding to you, but playing your music. With a skill (application) catalogue of 140 and growing thanks to the Mycroft community, and additional features such as alternative language and accent options being developed by the Mycroft team you can feel like your product will never be outdated. Improve the flow of your daily life by letting the Mycroft Mark II help do some of the work with you.

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