Mush-Lume Organically Grown Lighting

“Money doesn’t grow on trees” is an expression we’ve all, at one point in our lives, have heard before. But now from Danielle Trofe Design, a design studio, that invents and creates sustainable, new furniture and lighting will probably change that expression to “Household lighting that saves you money does grow on trees.” The MushLume is a collection that is grown, and not manufactured in anyway, to essentially provide a lampshade for indoor lighting. The MushLume is derived from mushroom mycelium. It is a substance that naturally occurs in mushrooms and is synthesized into a liquid form to be used in combination with husks of other plants as a solidifying agent to mould a particular shape. The solidification involves using different moulds that provide the variety we see in the MushLume collection. Danielle Trofe Design is partnered with Ecovative to bring us these products. To be exact, it comes in 6 different styles. They are listed as the following: the Mush-Lume Cascade Chandy, the Hemi-Pendant, the Cup Light-Series, the Cascade Trio, the Trumpet Pendant, and the Table Lamp. The variety can give choices for just about anyone. The names in the MushLume collection reflects the style of the lampshade; therefore, if you think about the ‘Cascade Chandy’ you know it stylizes a chandelier. The production of the MushLume collection has a low carbon print. In fact, just thinking about other household lighting fixtures this appears to be one of its kind. If you want to live a sustainable life, then using a product like this will contribute to that. For more information or to make a purchase go the Danielle website at: The savings made, furthering the cost of environmental care, from the purchase of this collection comes from having low to virtually none in the area of fragility. You will never have to deal with breakage as you do from glass. This is a product to definitely consider for that.

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