Musguard: Clever Bicycle Fender

Most likely, if you are one of those adventurous bike lovers who enjoys riding in rough weather conditions, a wet or muddy back is an unfortunate aftermath; however, not with a clever design product like Musguard. The Musguard is a simple bicycle fender that protects your back when you are riding on a wet or muddy road. Musguard-clever-bicycle-fender-01 It is a completely removable mudguard device that can be rolled in to a small pack when not in use. You can easily store it in your bag or pocket. Musguard can even be rolled onto the bicycle frame or hung on your key chain. Feature-Musguard-clever-bicycle-fender-06 This minimalist device weighs only 35 grams.  It does not require any extra bulky or messy mounts and only adds to the aesthetics of your bike. Musguard-clever-bicycle-fender-03 The fixing and application is so easy and quick, you won’t need those tool kits.  Musgaurd, a flap-like device, features a unique folding system that just fits neatly close to the rear wheel. Musguard-clever-bicycle-fender-04 Made from resilient polypropylene (PP) plastic sheet, it is a recyclable and a stable product with a firm fit. Musguard comes in 5 interesting colours. Originally it was designed for use on fixed gear or single speed bikes but it fits most frames with a paired seat and works best on bikes without a rear brake. Musguard-clever-bicycle-fender-05 Video:

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