MUSE: Brainwave-Sensing Headband

It’s amazing how technology evolves so fast that what was once just science fiction is now becoming reality. Take for example, InteraXon’s brainwave-sensing headband, the MUSE.


MUSE is a slick four-sensor headband that allows the user to see what is going on inside their brain. Understanding the state of mind we are in helps us control stress, enhance memory, and improve concentration. The MUSE can also be used to control simple games and applications at this time (moving us one step closer to mind control). It is worn on the forehead like a headband and stays behind the ears like a pair of glasses.


The headband makes use of the two sensors on the forehead and two tucked behind the ears to measure brainwave activity from the tiny electrical outputs the brain generates. It then transfers the data to the user’s smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. From there, the user can view how well their brain is performing and in what areas needs improvement or strengthening.


InteraXon also developed an application for mobile devices that will help users make the most out of MUSE. The application includes thought-controlled games, brain tracking, exercise and fitness software for improving cognitive function, memory, attention and stress reduction.



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